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more Lyra-and-Bear art...

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Dec. 31st, 2007 | 01:31 pm
posted by: miiko_ashida in hdm_art

...but not Iorek this time. :(

Here we have Lyra tricking Iofur from this scene:

"That's why I love you best," she said to Iofur Raknison, "because you are passionate and strong as well as clever. And I just had to leave Iorek and tell you, because I don't want him ruling the bears. It ought to be you. And there is a way of taking me away from him and making me yours..."

For me, this scene always seemed slightly sexually charged (and creepy!Lyra is pretty out there), and I tried to portray that in the picture, though Lyra looks more emo than seductive...

Artist: Blackanise (</a></b></a>miiko_ashida)
Title: Trickster
Characters: Lyra and Iofur
Rating: PG (i.e. about as worksafe as that scene)
Constructive comments welcome?: Still can't draw bears. Any help there is muchly appreciated, and also - how to make Lyra not look twenty?
Comments: are up at the top. :)


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