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Dec. 11th, 2007 | 08:54 pm
posted by: bartholdy in hdm_art

Hello, I'm Johanne, I go by Bartholdy online. Tonight I had the inspired thought to go look for His Dark Materials fanart communities. Quite intelligent, since I've been a fan of both fanart in general and the books in particular for several years.

Artist: Bartholdy
Title: Will talking to Mrs. Coulter, after having found Lyra. I forget where in the world.
Characters: Will and Marisa Coulter, funnily.
Rating: G
Constructive comments welcome?: Yes
Comments: In my eagerness to draw grass I forgot her dæmon. Well done. And the pic is a bit down.
Link: Clicky!

Artist: Bartholdy
Title: There's two: Serafina gazing(I), Ruta Skadi and Asriel *negotiating*(II)
Rating: G and PG respectively.
Constructive comments welcome?: Yes
Comments: Nothing to add.
Link: Both pics on same page.

And some oooold stuff, that I'm posting anyway because I'm new and giddy here.

Artist: Bartholdy
Title: Three pics
Characters: Will (I), Lyra and Will (II), Mrs. Coulter and Asriel (III)
Rating: PG and PG and G.
Constructive comments welcome?: Yes
Comments: Old! Lots of ugly errors!
Link: All three here.

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