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*waves hi* + *brings High Def. Wallpaper!*

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Oct. 27th, 2007 | 10:49 pm
posted by: sunisshiningnow in hdm_art

Artist: sunisshiningnow  @ geo_graphics
Title: High Def. 1440x900 generic Golden Compass wallpaper
Characters: umm, like everybody?!
Rating: G
Constructive comments welcome?: Ya, this being my first wallpaper and all... =D Feedback is lovely.
Comments: So. I've never made a wallpaper before, so this took me a while. Picture credit goes to New Line Cinemas and all the movie people, yatta, yatta. Photoshop brushes are from 100x100_brushes  and yeah. Enjoy!

Click the preview picture for the download link on megaupload; it was too big (1440x900) for photobucket, or I would have done that. Enjoy!
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Also in case anybody wants to see it for some reason (the scaled down Photobucket version, that is) click here.
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